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  • Saves up to 40% of energy costs; self-adhesive, long-lasting rubber D-profile

  • Seals all gaps from 3 to 7 mm; durability: 8 years

  • Weather- UV- and ozone-resistant; wipe-clean; easy to apply and to fit without screws or nails

  • Easy to remove

  • Temperature-resistant from -50 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius

  • Size Name:6m x 9mm White  |  Colour Name:White

    In cold winter nights or in those nasty autumn days with heavy rains and gusty winds it feels good to be inside and well protected from the weather. But especially older windows are not always tight enough to keep any cold air out. Sometimes small gaps between the frame and the window itself let cold air come in and cause annoying draughts. The tesamoll D-Profile is a durable rubber window insulation tape and draught excluder that can even seal large gaps to keep your home warm and Comfortable.

    Long-lasting rubber sealing

    The self-adhesive tesamoll D-Profile is a weatherproof draught excluder tape for easy and effective window and door insulation. It is made of high-quality rubber making it not only weather, UV and ozone-resistant. It also works perfectly within a wide temperature range between -50 degrees Celsius and +60 degrees Celsius. In practical terms: this long-lasting draught excluder seal is able to withstand almost any weather from summer heat to freezing winter nights.

    Use less energy, save money

    The tesamoll D-Profile is an effective door and window draught excluder that will help to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. This strong draught excluder sealing profile will not only contribute to a Comfortably warm home. It is also able to cut up to 40 per cent off your heating bill.

    Easy to apply, even easier to remove

    With the tesamoll D-Profile you have an easy and effective means for draught proofing your doors and windows. To prepare the surface, simply use a damp cloth with alcohol or any silicone-free household detergent. Stick the flexible D-shaped rubber seal along the door or window frame and rest assured that it will reliably fill out any gap between 3 to 7 mm. The smooth surface allows easy cleaning. If you want to remove it after many years of reliable service, you only need to pull it off to replace it by a new one.

    tesamoll D-Profile Self Adhesive Rubber Draught / Draft Excluder/ Seal Strip for Doors and Windows 6 m x 9 mm - White - B0024NKDFS

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